Calling all female entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers with a heart for Jesus and a mission for Kingdom impact

You are invited to join us at the...

Clarity to Courage Conference

 Discover the space to seek God's purpose for your life and business so you can move forward with crystal clear vision and unshakeable confidence.

October 25th, 26th, & 27th, 2021 | On the Gulf Coast of Alabama

Building a business is challenging and sometimes...

And get back to the basics!

Psst - those basics are putting God first and letting Him guide your purpose in life and business 

This is your time to be in His presence so you can excel at everything He is call you to do...

Refresh your mind - you can Google all the answers or listen to all the podcasts but nothing beats a Christ-centered approach. And we're going to save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time while you do it
Renew your faith - God is calling you to achieve some big, scary things. This could feel impossible if you don’t start consistently deepen your relationship with Christ and develop friendships for this next season of running after your goals
Refocus your heart - you can’t leave a legacy if you are pouring from an empty cup. This is your chance to get away from all the demands and pressures (and all of the hats you wear) so you can operate in excellence.

As a 2021 Attendee you will Get to:

    • Attend 5 Live keynote sessions delivered with a worship focus
    • Choose from 16 different breakout sessions for strategizing with the experts
    • Take home a conference swag bag, goodies, and promos from the speakers
    • Connect + network in-person as well as the private Facebook community 
    • Access a portal to view all the conference details 
    • Download any of the digital resources from the sessions
    • Rest in God's word on white sandy beaches with no interruptions 
    • Enjoy 3 days of delicious lunches + snacks 
    • Go to a special closing dinner at an outdoor local restaurant
    • Own the special edition water bottle 
    • Watch the video recordings of all the sessions after the conference is over

Are you ready to find out what 3 days of rest and rejuvenation can do for your life and business?

Select the best option for you from the ticket options below!

Whether you actively make God a part of your business or you’ve been wondering how to start the Clarity to Courage Conference will help you do just that.

He knows you have dreams for your life and for your business. 

He wants to remind you that you were made for this. 

That He sees you. That He knows exactly what you need. 

Your name belongs on one of these tickets.

Press play & see if you Agree 

The clarity to courage conference is 
everything you've been hoping for from an event + so much more.
This is what you can expect from 3 restful + uplifting days near the beach...

Double-Edge Approach

We've intentionally made this conference to focus both on business and your relationship with Christ. While all sessions will have a faith focus, keynote sessions are a time for worship and breakouts are for business or personal growth.

Full Circle Support

This will be a safe space for sharing your struggles. With smaller breakout sessions, a private online community, and speakers who go above-and-beyond to connect with the audience, you'll be sure to recieve the support you need.

Time for Prayer

After every keynote session there will be time for prayer or tuck away into our quiet prayer room in the morning. We've also left a lot of white space in the schedule so you can seek God in your own way.

Real-Life Strategies

We don't do fluff and we don't do woo. We tackle each topic head-on and get straight to the point: motherhood, homeschooling, marriage, parenting, sales funnels, branding, social media... you name it!

Mindset breakthroughs

Say good-bye to imposter syndrome! Getting clear on what God wants you to do through your Biblical mindset, leadership, calling, and gifting will help you step out in faith.

steady movement

From live coaching, education, and Q/A sessions you'll walk away with real tools to make gradual, doable improvements one small step at a time, at a pace that feels good to you.

"I thought I was going for a fun time at the beach, to make some new connections, maybe be inspired in my business a little bit... but what I left with was so much more than that. I left with a closer relationship with the Lord. I left with so much clarity in my business and how to move forward with the next steps. I left with lasting friendships and relationships that go far deeper than just a few days spent together."

— Jennie, Event Attendee

Hey there lady, I'm Avery!

I'm the founder + host of Clarity to Courage. I am so excited that you are considering joining us for the first ever in-person conference.

For the past 18 years, I’ve been hosting bible studies, church conferences, & retreats along side of running my own business. And one thing I keep seeing in the online space is counterfeit Christianity. 

A hodge-podge mix of the new age, woo-woo, hustle culture, and prosperity principles that water down the truth and the power of trusting God with our businesses.  

I BELIEVE WHAT Christian entrepreneurs need now more than ever is to know that we are not the only one who wants to put Jesus first in their life and business! 

With coaching, tools, and encouragement from a biblical world view... let's grow our businesses in a biblical way, that honors God without being bombarded with woo-woo mindset practices.

And that is why the clarity to courage conference is so important for christian women to attend

More and more Christian entrepreneurs are filling the marketplace. Yet so many of us are afraid to let our faith show online!

It's almost like we have a secret that we can only share behind-closed doors. I am on a mission to change that. 

After hosting a successful business retreat in the Spring of 2021 for female Christian entrepreners, I felt God calling me to create something bigger. 

And the vision became clear:
✔ NOW is the time to gather Christian female entrepreneurs together. 
✔NOW is the time for them to know they are not alone. 
✔NOW is the time for them to be equipped for their mission in the marketplace!

So I reached out to some of the women God has brought around me to come together and bring this vision to life. And they cannot wait to connect with you both on and off the stage.
"Avery and the other speakers that she has give you advice straight from the Bible. They give it to you like it is and I appreciate that so much. 

This event is different from anything else you will attend. Avery and the other speakers are spirit led and are leading you to live a God led business for yourself.

— Kendall, Retreat Attendee

Meet your inspirational keynote speakers

We truly believe we have found some of the most dynamic leaders in this space - women who will preach and speak to your calling as an entrepreneur, wife, and mom. The conference has 4 sessions where you will be invited to worship with and learn from 6 incredible women who have been teaching from the Bible for years. We promise you won't be disappointed when they deliver messages designed to focus on the truth of God's word.


Kara Stott

Author, visionary and obsessive connector Kara Stott found her heartbeat while encouraging women that the good stuff is worth fighting for!


Roshanda Pratt

International speaker & Amazon best selling Author. As the First Lady of Visibility, Roshanda wants people to understand the power of being seen, heard, and paid!


Lisa Goins
National speaker and author of the award-winning book, Courageously Uncomfortable, when the real woman you want to be is on the other side of fear.


Veronica Hoddenbagh
Passionate about your message attracting the people God has planned for you. She believes you are called to use your skills to serve God and others and she loves helping you accomplish that.


Jane Johnson

Unapologetic bible teacher who is teaching a generation how to study the bible so they can teach the next. She is the author of Mercy Like Morning & passionately teaches women how to unlearn quiet time. 


Avery Forrest

Avery is a speaker, business mentor,  God's yes girl, and the founder of Clarity to Courage Conference. She is passionate about seeing female entrepreneurs equipped for their mission in the marketplace!

And take a look at the brilliant minds you'll get to pick in your breakout sessions 

These ladies are the most extraordinarily gifted women in their area of expertise. They will share their knowledge, challenge you, pray for you, and open your mind to possibilities you never knew existed. Once the conference schedule is finalized, you will be able to choose 5 of the breakout sessions to attend. With these 16 incredible ladies, it's going to be hard to choose. BUT, I have good news - if you purchase the Premium or VIP ticket option, you will receive access to ALL of the session recordings!  

If you were to hire a coach, purchase a course, or join a mastermind with these speakers, it would cost you thousands of dollars. The digital resources alone would be valued at over $1500 - but you get them for FREE.

"I almost didn't go, but the way I watched God open doors make it possible to attend was incredible. The event was like nothing else I have experienced before. This is the kind of thing where lives and businesses are changed and relationships that last are built.
— Emily, Event Attendee

push play to hear anna talk about her life-changing experience

 "Sometimes, it's so easy to be so busy doing all the good things you miss out on the best things. I was happy with where my business was going, but this event showed me that God's plans for my life are so much bigger than the ones I have made myself.  I would have missed it had I not taken the time to listen to him well.

This event is a sacred appointment with a God who created you. It's a place where you can truly seek him and your whole heart with the accountability of other Christian women who love you and who are for you. And that changes everything. It completely changed the trajectory of my business. I am so so grateful that I invested in this event and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

"I went to seek clarity about the direction for my business, encouragement as a new entrepreneur, and connection with other christian women entrepreneurs. It was an amazing experience and I am grateful that I was a part of it. We started as sisters in Christ but when we left we had formed a special bond. It was full of laughter, tears, and Jesus! I’m blessed to have found clarity and community by seeking God.” 
— Stephanie,. Event Attendee

We are not made to Do Business alone!

God has a purpose and calling for you and your business... and it isn't a mystery. It is actually pretty simple. When you spend intentional, focused time with HIM, HE provides direction for your next steps.

Now is the time to link arms with other like-minded women and build a support network of people who truly get it (the kind who understand negotiating screentime with their kids in exchange for 30-minutes of quiet time for a Zoom call).

This event is the single biggest opportunity for Christian female entrepreneurs to step off the treadmill of business to-dos and put their focus back on Jesus.

Tentative Schedule

(schedule is subject to change. You will be provided a detailed schedule in October but the structure will stay the same) 

Day One - Monday, October 25th
4pm Registration + Orientation
5-7:30pm Opening Session/Activities

Day Two - Tuesday, October 26th
Breakfast On Your Own
9-12pm Keynote + Breakouts
Lunch Provided
1-3:30pm Keynote + Breakouts
4-7:30pm Free Time (Dinner on Your Own)
8-9pm Keynote Session

Day Three - Wednesday, October 27th
Breakfast On Your Own
9-12pm Keynote + Breakouts
Lunch Provided
1-3:00pm Keynote + Breakouts
5:30pm Closing Dinner 

in the schedule We have intentionally given you time to seek god everyday...

Many of us have attended that Christian conference where you're so busy that you took in a ton of information but you never had a chance to sit with God before you had to jump back into your busy life.

  When we sat down to create the schedule we ,wanted you to have the freedom and space to hear God and to put a strategy in place for when you return home. 

 There will be free time every afternoon from 3:30pm to 8:00pm. There will also be time before the main morning session and main evening session for you to come early and utilize a quiet room with worship music playing. 

Use this time to pray, plan, and prepare for your next steps or close your eyes to hear where He is leading you.

Ready to start making travel arrangements?

the airport

Pensacola International Airport
2430 Airport Blvd
Pensacola, FL 32504

The airport code is PNS. It's about a 45min-1hr drive from the venue. You can share a ride or rental car by connecting with the attendees in the Facebook group.

the accomodations

Choose what's right for you...

We have a list of hotels in the area with special rates for our conference attendees that are a quick ride to the venue or some that are a quick walk to the beach. Group block rates range between $100 to $140 per night.

the venue

Anchor Point Church
20511 County Rd 12 S
Foley, AL 36535

This beautiful, brand new facility was designed with events like this in mind. It is the perfect place to host this one-of-a-kind conference. This is also Avery's home church. 

And just so we're clear, Here's what happens when you say yes and grab your ticket...

Once you save your seat, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know you’ve claimed your seat at the conference and some details on making your travel arrangements such as hotel links. 

In the days leading up to the event, expect exciting emails popping in to your inbox with discreet details on speakers, schedule and more! Sign up for breakout sessions the moment the schedule is released and start connecting with everyone as soon as the Facebook group opens.

Be prepared to head home feeling refreshed, full of joy, friendship, vision and tools that will help you excel in everything God has called you to do. You are now part of the Clarity to Courage family... and I am sorry but once you are in, you can’t leave :)

It's time to become part of the Clarity to Courage Family!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a questions that we haven't answered below, email or DM me on Instagram.
Are you providing lodging, meals, transportation, or any other accommodations?
Once you book your Clarity to Courage Conference ticket, we provide a list of hotels in the area that give conference goers a special rate.This area is built for tourism. There are many hotel, condo, and house options depending on the style of lodging you want to choose. Can’t find a roomie? Our pre-conference Facebook group is the perfect place to find friends to share a room with.

Need a list of suggested places with room blocks? Lodgingoptionsconference.pdf

Breakfast is on your own. Dinner on Monday and Tuesday is on your own. Lunch is provided Tuesday and Wednesday and Dinner on Wednesday (the final night) is also provided. We will also have water and snacks available throughout the venue.

We will not be providing any transportation during the event. Uber + Lyft are both available in our area. 
How much free time is there in the schedule?
We intentionally left every afternoon empty on the schedule so you could kick off your heels, grab a friend and explore the area. Whether you decide to shop at the outlet mall, sit at the beautiful beaches or take a nap. This is your biz-cation, after all. Dinner on Monday and Tuesday night is not provided which makes it the perfect time to support local restaurants and experience new flavors and interesting locales. Wednesday Night dinner is provided at the closing dinner party. It will take place at a beautiful outdoor open air restaurant at the beach. When you sign up, you’ll receive a tentative schedule. You can start making plans right away (The finalized schedule will be sent out in September).
I'm an introvert and/or struggle with social anxiety, should I attend?
Absolutly! If you feel awkward at events and never know what to say….this is a safe place to take a chance. And if the event gets overwhelming at any point, you can step out and make connections with the team in the lobby or sit outside for some fresh air. We want you here!
Is this for someone starting a business or more seasoned?
This conference is built anyone who is for growing, intermediate and advanced business owners. That means that someone new to business will probably be overwhelmed with some of the info happening in the sessions. However, if your expectations are focused on networking and getting into a community of entrepreneurs to grow alongside - this is a great place for beginners.
I’m a "fill-in-the-blank-niche" - is this for me?
If you are a female... if you are a Christian... if you own it...then you, my friend, are a perfect fit for Clarity to Courage Conference.

Some of the niches and specialties that have attended the past events have been photographers, graphic designers, coaches, strategists, virtual assistants, interior designer, coffee shop owner, relator, florist, fitness/wellness, business/operations manager, author, Esty shop owner... BASICALLY, if you can own it, this conference is for you!

You’ll also meet many people with different business models at the event (product-based, service-based, passive income, and network marketing to name a few). Expect to learn from everyone.
Can I bring my nursing baby?
Ah, the make it or break it question for new moms. Yes, of course! We love that you are building a business to support your growing family and we’re here to support you. 

That being said, to ensure that we accommodate nursing moms and the women who are here to enjoy a getaway, we have a nursing mom’s room available for you should your baby get fussy at any time. We all know how we feel about a crying baby on a plane. We love you...but we don’t want to sit by you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This applies here too :) 

That’s why our nursing moms room will be the perfect place for you to have the space you need to take care of your little one and still hear all the highlights from the keynote speaker.
Are you taking any COVID precautions?
The Clarity to Courage conference is following all local health and safety guidelines. As of September 2021 Alabama is a fully open state and has no restrictions on gatherings. 

We all have a personal responsibility for our own health and by attending a conference I understand the risk of being exposed to any and all viruses including but not limited to Covid-19. 

With that being said, please do not attend the conference if you have any symptoms of covid or any other illness. (if you can not come due to being ill with COVID you will receive a recorded copy of the conference and you can transfer the price of your ticket to a future Clarity to Courage event.) 

You may sell or transfer your ticket to someone else OR transfer your ticket to another conference or retreat with no additional fee.

If for any reason we can not gather in October a new date will be issued for the conference and your ticket will be automatically transferred to the new date or to a future C2C event. 

For additional questions on the please email 
What if I purchase a ticket and then can not attend?
The Clarity to Courage Conference is an event based conference. We are selling a seat for an event. We plan and prepare based off the amount of tickets sold. 

We understand that things do come up and plans can change. If you can not attend please contact with a notice of your decision. You will have 3 options:

1. Sell your ticket to someone else on the waitlist (if there is one) and we will refund you your money once the new attendee pays

2. Personally transfer or sell your ticket to someone you know then provide us with their details 

3. Transfer the cost of your ticket to another event within the next 12 months.
Is there a payment plan option?
Yes there can split it into 3 payments. The option is on the ticket section! 
What do you believe? (i.e. my statement of faith)
My beliefs are the same as the church my husband and I started - those can be found here: 

You Are the heart of this conference

The theme of this conference is 
“You Were Made For This.” 

After I hosted my first business retreat early in 2021, God spoke very loudly to me “Avery, you were made for this!” 

He showed me that over the past 18 years of ministry and hosting retreats and women’s conferences that He has been preparing me for this business that He led me to. That is when I felt Him tell me to host this conference. 

This interaction with God did two things in me:

1. It made me want to run and throw up because it seems so far beyond me and
2. Made me feel so alive because for a moment I saw the big picture He had been painting all of these years! 

Imagine what YOU will discover as you seek God during these three days.

Here’s a secret. I’ve been praying for you. 

I’ve been praying that God leads the women to this conference that have been praying and wanting something EXACTLY like this event.

I know that there are women who are praying for this kind of solution...and that is what drives me to keep going in the moments when I want to run away from doing this thing...It is no small task lol!

I have been praying for you, thinking about you, and planning for you. I have prayed about the team and I believe God has curated the most amazing group of women who want to see you thrive and not just survive in your life and business! 

Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you have been PRAYING for. If you need a sign, THIS is it!

Don’t wait… there are limited spots... invest in yourself NOW to become equipped for your mission in the marketplace. 

 There is a spot for you here at the Clarity to Courage Conference! And for you to confidently step towards the next thing God is calling you to do.

xoxo Avery

Here is a final thought from one of our past attendees Anna:

"Taking time off for a conference like this is not something that you should THINK about doing but something that YOU SHOULD DO. Make the commitment, and do it for you. Do it for your business. Do it for your relationship with the Lord. It’s worth every single penny you will spend and more."